Baby cribs : tips to prepare the child to bed

Baby cribs : tips to prepare the child to bed


For your child bed, you can choose between the classic baby cribs size 90 cm by 40 cm, you buy all stocked or you can top yourself, and a real little bed, 1 length, 20 m or even 1.40 m , width 60 cm ou70 cm wood or rattan.
If you do not already have a bed or cot and you hesitate to buy
One over another, we recommend the bed In a crib, the baby can sleep only a few months; in baby cribs , there may be up to 2 or even 3 years, according to its size.
An intermediate solution: the bed linen mounted on metal tube that is economical, easy to carry and wash, but is shorter.
Whatever the solution that the solution you adopt, you need the bed is:
• An easy maintenance. If lacquered wood, you easily the savonnerez if fully lined with fabric, you need topping is detachable and easy to wash;
• Transportable, that is to say mounted on rubber wheels;
• Very stable, so your child is not likely to reverse the stirring.

Finally, it includes a soft top or a light curtain mounted on a boom for your baby is safe from flies, common area and excessive lights. And if you follow our advice to have any of following a real bed, buy it with high bars (English bed): your baby will not fall you can leave safely, and this is very important, but if your baby is lying on his stomach through the bars can see everything that happens around him.


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