When the body starts to burn fat ?

When the body starts to burn fat ?


Some sports enthusiasts believed that fat burning begins after at least 20 minutes of exercise of the sport.

However, the German doctor “Carolina Vercmayster” totally denied this belief, saying that there is no specific time to burn fat. Vercmayster is the director of the Center for Sports and Motor Activities at the Hamburg University Hospital. She advises people who want to burn a lot of fat and lose weight practicing motor activities for a long time and severely weak.

Typically, to lose overweight, it is necessary to rely on interval training, which is based on the idea of increasing the effort gradually during the practice of low-intensity activities for short periods.

It should be noted that the time and the way to burn fat , the widest possible, varies from person to person, depending on the muscle mass, the type of food followed, and the level of nerve pressure.


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