Discover 7 golden medical advices

Discover 7 golden medical advices


A number of women suffer from many health problems. Who are pushing them to search natural herbal treatments, We have chosen seven troublesome problems, and how to beat them naturally, so discover with us the 7 golden medical advices :


Against weight gain and looking for a comfortable diet program:

1 teaspoon of the sage that is allowed to infuse in 1 bowl of boiling water, to consume in the evening without putting sugar and without dinner. And to burn fat, drink on an empty stomach a glass of cold water with apple cider vinegar.


Alleviating period cramps: Chamomile tea

Infuse a spoon of chamomile flowers in a glass of boiling water, for 5 to 10 minutes, and take 3 cups a day before meals and as needed.

It is not advisable to take chamomile tea after meals because it can cause pain in the stomach.


Drink a lot of water: 

A slight lack of water will therefore affect the body even before thirst. The dryness of the body can lead to headaches, fatigue, and lack of energy, which the mother needs to take care of her children and her job.

Discover 7 golden medical advices


affects pregnant women, during   the last months of pregnancy, it begins with swelling in the hands and feet, and the appearance of albumin in urine and increased pressure.  Pre-eclampsia can have negative consequences for mother and child. And to protect them, you must reduce the consumption of salt in the diet, and avoid eating marinades and burners.


Ovarian cancer:

In Australia, a study confirmed that 60% of women who drink green tea daily decrease their risk of suffering from ovarian cancer. Curtin University in Australia said the study took place in China and over 900 women. The results of the study proved that other types of tea proved effective, but green tea had the strongest effect on risk reduction.

Discover 7 golden medical advices

Frequent sexual intercourse:

Play the role of an antibiotic in protecting women against microbes and parasites of the vagina, the doctor specializes in skin diseases, fertility and infertility, Mostapha Abbas, confirmed that regular sexual relations – Without excessive – can lead to The elimination of parasites and microbes that develop in the vagina as a result of sperm confinement on the secretions of the prostate that contain antibodies directed against these parasites.


Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

Scientists have proved that ginger is an effective treatment for the convenience of the irritable bowel, because ginger contains active substances respond to many diseases, you can add 50 grams of ginger powder into a glass of boiling water and let it cool, then add a teaspoon of vinegar, and drink it when you feel bad. To drink once a day it relieves the evils of the stomach and the colon.

Discover 7 golden medical advices


In Arabic : سبع نصائح طبية قصيرة وذهبية يجب أن تعرفينها

In Frensh : Découvrez les 7 conseils médicaux d’or


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