kids dresses : How child learns to dress alone ?

kids dresses : How child learns to dress alone ?

It will take several years for your child to learn to undress and especially to dress himself (it is easier to remove than to put on) and whenever he makes a progress he will conceive a great pride: to remove A shoe, putting on a jacket, closing a buttonhole will be real victories for him. It is therefore important not to deprive it of it. Nor should we ask for efforts too soon. Here, in general, is the order in which events take place.

kids dresses

Kids dresses At one month: he does not like to be dressed or undressed; He weeps when we put clothes on his head.

At 7 months: he enjoys removing his slippers and playing with the cords.

At 1 year old: he begins to cooperate in the dressing session, slips his arm in the sleeve he holds, stretches his leg to put on his panties, and his foot to put him his shoe.

At 15 months: three clothes interest him more particularly: the bonnet, the shoes, the panties. When he goes out, he makes the gesture of putting on his cap, when he is sleeping that of taking off his shoes to lie down, and when he is dirty, that of removing his panties. He can not put on gloves, but often manages to remove them. That said, it is at the age when the dressing often gives rise to scenes; It must be done either by force or by cunning.

At 18 months: it happens to undo a wide zipper.

At 2 years: till then he had helped his mother to put on his clothes, now he begins to want to dress himself. But without success: he puts both feet in the same leg of the trousers, places his crooked cap, and so on.

At 2 and 1/2: he likes to dress and undress in the same order. Can take off his clothes, if unbuttoned beforehand (when the opening is in front: a shirt for example). He starts putting alone socks, and slippers without bridles or laces.

At 3 years: it happens to unbutton a jacket without plucking the buttons; He slips alone his dressing gown or his coat but does not know how to close them yet. If asked, it helps to store his clothes, folds, puts them in heaps.

At 3 and 1/2: he undresses practically alone (if asked); The two obstacles that still hurt him are the neckline and the sleeves.

At 4 years old: he can dress almost without help, for he distinguishes the back of the front; He knows how to button big buttons, put his cap correctly and put on his gloves; Shoes still represent the biggest obstacle; He does not know how to lace them; He will be able to do so only at about 5-6 years of age.

kids dresses

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