Top 40 most famous women names

Now a days we can see that there is a huge variety regarding women names. Depanding on the country, coulture and the generation, names can variate enourmously. In this article we will discover 40 of the most known women names in every continent.


Starting with north-america, the most common female name is Emily. Stadistics shows that 1.03% of the women in north-america has this name, followed by Hanna which has the percent of 0.86%. In the third place we have Sarah, 0.84% of the female s population are named Sarah. Ashley is ranked 4th by 0.60%. Last but not least we have Taylor by 0.59%.


Ragarding South-America the most used name is Camila by 0.64% of the women s population, then Maria by the 0.60%. In addition to Laura and Gabriela used by 0.56% and 0.54% of females.


Moving to the european continant, we can observe that the most common name is Anna used by 1.50% of the population, followed by Maria used by 1.38%, then Anastasia by 1.00%, Julia by 0.99% and finally kate by 0.81%.


Concerning Asia we can see that the women names are considerably different to the ones mentioned before. In the first position we have Kim by 0.86%, followed by Lee by 0.72. in the third place we have Park by 0.33%, then Minji by 0.22% and Chen by 0.20%.


In respect to the african continent the most used name is Sarah by 0.22, then Yasmine and Salma by 0.12% and Mariam by 0.10%, finally Maria by the 0.10% of women in africa .


Stadistics showed that in Greenland the most common name is Ivaana by 22.22% of the population, in addition to Xd by 11.11% followed by Cerise, Starly and Isabella by 11.11%.


Besides we have the australian contient, in the first place Emily which is used by 1.18% of women, Sarah by 1.14% of the population, Jessica by 0.86%, Emma by 0.81% and Chloe by 0.80%.


Finally we have the Middle East, we can see that the most common name are Amaya by 0.94%, Samya by 0.94% furthermore we have Mariam by 0.94%, then Yasmin and Mira by 0.94%.

Chaimae el hnoudi

Chaimae El hnoudi

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