Saad Lamjarred – GHALTANA (Exclusive Karaoke)

Saad Lamjarred – GHALTANA (Exclusive Karaoke)


The last song of Saad Lamjarred Ghaltana has also known a great success as its predecessors: Ana Machi Sahel and Maalem. Effectively for a period of only one month it reached 57 million views on YouTube with an average of 1.9 million views per day which is a record for the Arabic content on YouTube.

The Anty team offers (and for the first time exclusively) lyrics of Ghaltana as karaoke for those who want to learn and fun to repeat with friends.


According to WikipediaSaad Lamjarred (Arabic: سعد لمجرد‎‎) is a Moroccan singer and occasional actor. He was born in Rabat, Morocco on April 7, 1985 to his father Bachir Abdou, a Moroccan classical singer, and his mother, Nezha Regragui, an actress and comedian. Lamjarred developed an early interest in music at age four and started to sing his father’s songs. He attended the Conservatory of Music in Rabat, where he studied music theory. In 2007, he placed second on Super Star, a widely popular Arabic television show.


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