Sex importance : Why sex is good for health ?

Sex importance : Why sex is good for health ?

Numerous studies confirm it: the desire, the life drive contributes to longevity. Just because the pleasure of making love makes you happy, and that state of bliss is excellent for the immune system. Physical pleasure, source of energy, promotes better hormonal balance. The explosion of endorphins in the brain during orgasm creates this feeling of euphoria and well-being: quiet, stress reduction and anxiety and recuperative sleep key.
The hormone hug
The hormone that puts us in this state and makes us addicted to each other, it is oxytocin. Boosted by the caresses and kisses, it peaked in the blood at the time of orgasm. Well known to induce labor and develop the mother-child attachment, oxytocin plays a role in protecting against breast cancer. Released by nipple stimulation during sex trade, it would help eliminate carcinogen mammary glands. “Women whose breasts are fondled regularly during sex trade are better protected from breast cancer. This is according to a 1995 study said Sylvain Mimoun, gynecologist and sex therapist. Lovemaking boosts general and local circulation. Regular sex and lowers the risk of inflammatory events that set the stage for cancer and cardiovascular disease. If abstinence, so it is advisable to caress. ”
Men also concerned
“In men, a US study conducted on 30,000 men and confirmed by an Australian study shows that frequent ejaculations lower prostate cancer risk,” said Frederic Saldmann, cardiologist, nutritionist and author of The Life and time (I read, “pocket”, 2012). The statistics are more accurate than: from twelve monthly ejaculations prevention becomes significant and twenty ejaculations a month reduces the risk of a third party. Indeed, prostatic massage performed in the reporting and the emission of semen help to eliminate carcinogenic cells. And it would also reduce the microcalcifications that accumulate in the prostate. Again, the studies underline that without sex, masturbation protects the prostate.



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