Truths you don’t know about women


Truths you don’t know about women


  • Women’s nails grow faster than men’s nails.
Truth 1 : nails
Truth 1 : nails
  • Women tend to read quickly novels compared to men.
Truth 2 : novels
Truth 2 : novels
  • The hair of the Oriental woman is more dense than the hair of the western woman.
Truth 3 : hair
Truth 3 : hair
  • The woman is more patient than the man on hunger.

  • Unlike the women of the world, Oriental women obey their husbands.

  • 20% of diseases that afflict women arise because of a tight shoe.

  • When the woman reasons with her brain, she thinks of doing harm.

  • The influence of woman on the historical change of the world is greater than that of man.

  • The love of the woman is longer than the love of man.

  • The woman laughed when she could, and wept when she wanted.

  • The woman’s sense of smell is much stronger and more evolved than that of man.

  • Women wake up from their sleep several times more than men.

  • The skin of the woman ages clearly that of the men.

  • Autism affects boys more than girls, contrary to what many people believed.

  • The sense of touch at women is more powerful than that of men.

  • Women are better able than men to interpret facial expressions are.

  • Women didn’t forget as fast as men did.

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