Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

Forbes 50 most powerful woman

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

   It’s a well known fact that all along the human history they were a lot of women who did a lot for their nations, by their inteligence, passion and strengh, they presided their countries, fighted in wars…

Now a days woman are still doing much for their countries, holding high states in government and multinationals. For instante we have 50 of the most powerful women in the world :


     It dates back to along time ago, where it was very rare to find a woman with a powerful charge in society or an influecial one, there we find our first three powerful women, they were pharaohs Hatshepsut, Sobekneferu and Cleopatra they made great changes in egypte such as construcing major buildings and projecting military campaings.

Cleopatra was the last ruler of egypt, proving so much courage and strengh she defended her empire from the Roman expantion.

Later, from the 1st millennium on, we will see that there are more women involved in rulling emipres, leadering revolts and battles. First, starting from the 1st centry we have some of the most powerful queens :

The queen Boudicca(30-61) queen Zenobia (240-275) queen Zictoria (1819-1901) Lakshmibai (1828-1858), Elizabeth II (1953) and princess Catherine the great (1729-1796).

Boudicca was the queen of the British Celti, Zenobia was the queen of Syria she conquered Egypt, Lebanon and Roman juden, Victoria was the queen of United Kingdom she was very powerful ruled 6 continents for 63 years.

Lakshmibai was the indian queen who leadered the first independence war.

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

More over we have some relevent female emperors : 

   First the empress Theodora (500-548), Wu zetiam (624-705), Borte Ujin(1161-1230), Maria Theresa (1717-1780) and Dowager cixi (1835-1908) . Concerning Wu Zetiam she is the only female emperor in chinese history, Borte Ujim was empress of the largest land empire in history.

Regarding Maria theresa she has been empress for 40 year, she controlled large part of Europe. In the same millennium we can see that just few women were involeved in buisness, the famous Eleanor of aquitaine (1122-1204) duchess of Aquitaine the whealthiest and most powerful women in her time, in Europe and the world.

Helena Rubinstein (1870-1965) she was an american buisnesswomen.


     Also Joan of arc, a very powerful french women who rallied French troops to defeat the english in the battle of Orleans.

Isabella I (1451-1504) was the most powerful women in the spanish history in the same posture we have elizabeth I the most powerful inglesh monarch.

Let’s Don’t forget the most powerful activistes, starting from Sojourner truth (1797-1883), Rosa luxemburg (1870-1919), Betty friedan (1921-2006), Rosa Parks (1913-2005) Shirin ebadi 1947 and Malala yousafzai 1997.

All those amazing women from different countries stand for the humans right and specially the women’s one.

    Concerning the political side we have Margaret thatcher (1925-2013), Indira ghandi (1917-1984) and Benazin Bhutto (1953-2007).

Margaret thatcher was the first prime minister of the united kingdom. Indira ghandi was the first and only female prime minister of india. Benazir bhutto was the first female prime minister of a muslim country.

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time


    Regarding the charity work we have two very known figures mother Teresa (1910-1997) and princess Diana (1961-1997), those two women were very known by their dedication to the humanitarian charity works.

There are other flied involving poweful women such as writers, Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-1797) was an inglesh author who wrote the most significant book in the feminist movement.

Other is artists like Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) she was a vert powerful and mediatic image, as well as Madona 1958. Besides we have the french designer Coco Chanel (1883-1971), the british chemist, Dorothy hodgkin (1910-1994), and Oprah winfrey 1954 the first female to possess her own talk show.

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

     In more recent statistics, forbes determinated that some of the most powerful women in the last 16 years are the following. Starting from the buisnesswomen we see that the percentage increased enormously :

First we have Carly Fiorina in 2004, Brenda barnes in 2005 Sallie Krawcheck, Margaret whitman in the same year were clamed one of the most powerful american buisnesswomen.

Later from 2006 to 2010 Patricia woerts was clamed most powerful american buisnesswomen , Anne lauvergeon was claimed as the french most poweful buiwomen in 2006 besides we have Indra nooyi also a powerful businesswomen from india.

Regarding politics there is Yulia tymoshenko minister of Ukraine and Wo yi a powerful chinese minister, also Gloria macopagol president of philippines from 2001 to 2010.

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time


     The lastest stadistics made by forbes :

Show that the most poweful women in 2016 are Mary Barra the CEO of general motors, Melinda Gates Co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Janet Yellen, chair of the federal reserve of the unites states.

The second most powerul women is Hillary Clinton, presidential candidate of the United states.

The first place is for Angela merkel the chancellor of germany, shes been described many times as the leader of the european union, the most powerful women in the world and one of the most powerful persons in the world.

Here we have 50 of the most powerful women known in the human history, they are just a small percentage of the st Strong women that passed trough years.


Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

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Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

Forbes 50 most powerful woman Of All Time

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